Note-taking accommodations

Note-taking accommodations may be approved for students with:

  • Hearing loss, e.g. difficulties hearing the instructor while writing notes or accessing communication via an interpreter, Typewell or CART transcriber
  • Vision loss, e.g. difficulties seeing information presented on overhead screens
  • Mental health conditions or attention-related disabilities, e.g. difficulties sustaining attention or attending to orally-presented information while taking notes
  • Learning disabilities, e.g. difficulties recording notes when information is presented orally
  • Physical disabilities, e.g. motor- or pain-related difficulties, broken wrists or arms

When approving note-taking as an accommodation, AS considers a combination of:

  • Student expression of need for note-taking – as related to a specific educational barrier being experienced
  • Information contained in their provided medical documentation
  • Type and/or structure of course

Students requiring a note-taking accommodation

In order to receive a notetaking accommodation you must be approved by yourAccessibility Specialist for this accommodation.The following procedures only apply to you if you have been approved for a note-taking accommodation. Once your accommodations are approved you will be able to log into the portal with your CNA credentials to request notes.

  • Sign into the 貹

Need help?

Student volunteer note-takers

Note-taking is an essential accommodation that ensures students with disabilities have access to important course material that they would not otherwise be able to access. Volunteers work with the Note-Taking Program Coordinator who is available for support and assistance with any role-related issues or concerns. Student volunteers make a critically important contribution towards enhancing equity and access for students with disabilities at Douglas.

Additional benefits of volunteering include:

  • Practicing and improving your own note-taking skills
  • Better retention and attendance to course materials for your own studies

Refer to the Volunteer Note-Taker Reference Sheet for a comprehensive overview of a note-taker's duties and responsibilities, as well helpful tips.

How to volunteer

  1. Sign into the 貹
  2. Complete the profile informationand select the course(s) for which you wish to volunteer
  3. Upload sample notes

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