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Your Accessibility Specialist will work with you and your instructors to create and follow an accommodation plan. The picture below shows the steps in the planning process.

1) Meet with an Accessibility Specialist: Let us know where you anticipate barriers so we can discuss accommodations together, 2) Share Accommodation Memos: Your Accessibility Specialist will email your instructor with details of your accommodations, 3) Collaborate with instructors: Meet with your instructors in a confidential setting to talk about your accommodations, 4) Keep us updated: Keep in touch with your Accessibility Specialist to let us know how things are going, 5) Plan Ahead: Contact your Accessibility Specialist at the start of each semester to review your accommodations, so that memos can be sent to your instructors


Common accommodations include:

Visit the Accessibility Services Portal for Students to

  • View your accommodation memos
  • Request your accommodation memos be sent to instructors
  • Request changes or additions to your accommodation memos
  • Schedule tests and exams you will be writing with Accessibility Services

Need help?

Virtual Orientation Sessions

Accessibility Services is pleased to announce that we will be providing some virtual orientation sessions to all students with approved accommodation plans to help you navigate the processes for accessing your accommodations. We want everyone to have the opportunity to learn the steps needed to access your approved accommodations. This brief session (1 hour maximum) will cover:

  • Accommodation approval expectations
  • Alternate format accommodations
  • Testing accommodations
  • Assistive technology accommodations
  • Communication access accommodations
  • Notetaking accommodations
  • Renewal of accommodations

If you are unable to join a virtual session please check out one of our pre-recorded sessions –

Video Tutorials

1. Logging into the Student Portal

2. Requesting Accommodations: Introduction

3. Requesting an Accommodation Letter: No Changes Required 

4. Requesting an Accommodation Letter: Changes Required

5. Requesting Alternate Format Materials