Economics faculty

ϼ Economics instructors are here because their primary focus is teaching, but they are also involved in the field.

Some are consultants and business people, many of them take an active role in the community, serving on boards of businesses and other institutions. They've made important economic decisions and they'll help you hone your analytical and business instincts.

Kevin Richter

Economics Chair

BA, MA (Simon Fraser) Canadian Public Policy,Environmental Economics and International Trade and Finance

Suki (Sukhvinder) Badh

BA, MA (Simon Fraser) Micro/Macroeconomics, History, Policy, Money & Banking, Managerial Economics

Abera Demeke

BSc Agricultural Economics (Alemaya, Ethiopia), Master of Food and Resource Economics (MFRE) (UBC), MSc Development Economics (Goettingen, Germany), PhD Agricultural Economics (Hohenheim, Germany) Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Canadian economy, economic development

Allan Matadeen

BA (Hons) Economics (Manchester Polytechnic), MA Economics (Windsor), MA Rural Planning and Development (Guelph) Micro/Macroeconomics, Canadian, Managerial, Money & Banking

Rodney Midgley

BA, MA (British Columbia) Micro/Macroeconomics, Canadian Issues, Money & Banking

Charles Odoom

BA (Winnipeg), MA (New School for Social Research) Econ History, Micro/Macro Economics, Canadian Issues

Rosilyn Teng

BA (Calgary) MA (Simon Fraser) Micro/Macroeconomics, Canadian, Environmental Economics, Policy

Jeffrey Ward

BSc (Sask), MSc (Alberta) Micro/Macro, Trade, Finance and Public Policy

Bianjun Xia

MA (Nankai), MA (Simon Fraser), PhD (Simon Fraser). Micro/Macroeconomics, Canadian Economy, Global Banking

Tony (Haitao) Xiang

BA (Huazhong U of Science & Technology), MA, PhD (Simon Fraser) Micro/Macroeconomics, Money & Banking, Managerial Economics

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