As a part of the normal policy revision cycle, the Credentials Awarded Policy, which defines the types of credentials awarded by ϼ, has been updated.

The updated policy is effective immediately. Students negatively impacted by this policy will have until Fall 2023 before more stringent requirements impact their graduation eligibility.

Review the new policy here.



Congratulations on your achievements! The final step to your academic journey is to graduate.

You are eligible to apply for graduation once you have registered for your final program requirements.

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Determine your eligibility

If you:

  • Are registered in your final semester; and
  • Will meet all the requirements for your declared program after you successfully complete the courses you are registered in.

Then you are eligible to apply for graduation. In order to officially graduate you must submit an Application for Graduation.Students must submit an application for graduation regardless of their intent to attend a graduation ceremony.

If you are unsure about any of the above contact your Student Success Advisor (SSA).

If you complete your final ϼ courses during the: Your graduation ceremony will be: Your program completion will be: Application Deadline

Summer Semester
(May - Aug 2023)

Winter Graduation Ceremony (February 2024)

Grade Deadline: August 24, 2023

Program Completion Letters available inSeptember2023 for students who apply before the grade deadline (after the grade deadline for eligible students)

Applications open

July15, 2023

Applications close

November 30, 2023

Fall Semester
(Sept - Dec 2023)
Winter Graduation Ceremony (February 2024)

Grade Deadline: December 21, 2023

Program Completion Letters available in January2024 (after the grade deadline for eligible students)

Applications open

July15, 2023

Applications close

November 30, 2023

Winter Semester
(Jan- Apr2024)
Summer Graduation Ceremony (June 2024)

Grade Deadline: April 30, 2024

Program Completion Letters available in May 2024(after the grade deadline for eligible students)

Applications open

January15, 2024

Applications close

March 31, 2024

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Before you Apply

  1. Ensure you are admitted into the program you wish to graduate from.
  2. Check myPath to ensure there are no outstanding requirements.
  3. Check the Program Course and Catalogue to ensure all program requirements have been completed.
  4. Connectwith your Student Success Advisor (SSA)to confirm you meet all the requirements.

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How to apply

  1. Log in to → Personal Information and make sure your Name and Address are correct.
  2. Under Student Records, select 'Apply to Graduate'.
  3. Complete the online application form in full and submit.
  4. Submit any additional documents required for your program to (e.g. first aid documents, work hours).

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After applying for graduation

The Graduation Team will assess your application and approve your graduation application status if you have met your program requirements. Approval decisions should be made by mid-May for Summer graduation, and mid-January for Winter graduation. Once approved, you will be able to download your Program Completion Letter confirming the awarding of your credential.

This is what you can expect after applying to graduate:

1. Apply to Graduate

Students apply for graduation DURING their last semester of study.

2. First Check and Review A first evaluation of the student's graduation application will happen before final grades are posted.
3. Grade Deadline Final grades are updated on a student's record.
4. Final Check and Review A final evaluation will take place after the final grade deadline.
5. Program Completion Letter is Downloadable Students eligible for graduation will be eligible to download their program completion letter. For more information see below.
6. Credential Parchment Receive at Ceremony Students will receive their physical credential at the graduation ceremony.

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Your Credentials

The name on your official student account will be the name printed on your credential (including first, middle, and last names). If you need to update your name, please complete the Name Change Request form under Forms.The following information is included in your credentials.

Information included in your credentials Full Name (first, middle, last) Student ID Number Date Included Program Area/Major Minors Concentrations or Specializations
Program Completion Letters (Domestic Students) Month Day, Year of semester completion. AND Month, Year of graduation ceremony.
Program Completion Letters (International Students) Month Day, Year of semester completion. AND Month, Year of graduation ceremony.
Official Degree Parchments/Credentials Month, Year of graduation ceremony
Official Transcripts Day, Month, and Year of graduation ceremony

In addition to above, Program Completion Letters for International Students will include ϼ's DLI number, level of study, and program length.

Your credential will be awarded to you at the Graduation Ceremonies. For students not attending the Graduation Ceremonies, credentials will be ready for pick-up a week after the ceremonies conclude.

Please note, credentials will not be released if fees are owed to the College.

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How to Download your Program Completion Letter

Program completion letters are available to download in your myAccount after you have completed all of your program’s graduation requirements; this includes non-academic requirements, final grades for all your courses, and adherence to institutional policies (i.e.Credentials Awarded Policy). Please note, your graduation application will need to be fully reviewed by the Graduation department before your status will be updated to "complete - ready to grad".

To view your graduation application status:

  1. Log into myAccount
    • myAccount Student Records
  2. Click on “View Application to Graduate”
    • myAccount View Graduation Application
  3. Ensure Graduation Status is Complete – ready to grad.
    • myAccount Grad Application Status

To print your program completion letter:

  1. Log into myAccount Click on “View/Print Documents & Letters"
    • myAccount View/Print Documents & Letters
  2. Select your final semester and Program Completion Letter for the drop down. Hit print and your Program Completion Letter will be generated.
    • myAccount Print Letters Screen

The program completion letter includes the following information:
Full name, Student ID Number, ϼ's DLI number, completion date, convocation month and year, program area/major, and credential definition (credits required, level of study and program length).

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Click here to see the full schedule and event information for the Summer 2023 ceremonies.
Summer 2023 Ceremonies
Are you attending Summer 2023 ceremonies? Click here to see the graduation checklist to attend.
Graduation Ceremony Checklist


You can access the following documents under Forms:

  1. Transfer credit request forms
  2. Personal information change form
  3. Program declaration form

Stolen or lost credential

If your original credential was lost, stolen or damaged you can submit a .




July 15, 2023 Applications to graduate in the Winter2024Ceremony opens. Applications are accessible via your myAccount.
August 25, 2023 Grade deadline for Summer semester courses. Grades due at 9:00am for classes with a final exam.
September, 2023 Eligible students who have applied before the grade deadline and have taken their final course in the Summer semester can expect a Program Completion Letter in September. Program Completion Letters will be available to download off myAccount. All graduation requirements must be met to download the Program Completion Letter.
November 30, 2023 Winter 2024(February) Graduation Ceremony applications close
December 21, 2023 Grade deadline for Fall semester courses. Grades due at 9:00am for classes with a final exam.
January, 2024 Students completing courses in the Fall semester can expect their Program Completion Letters will be available to download off myAccount. All graduation requirements must be met to download the Program Completion Letter.
January 15, 2024 Deadline to submit any changes to graduation applications for the Winter 2024 graduation ceremony (cancelling application, name changes, etc).
February 20-23, 2024 Winter Graduation ceremonies


Review frequently asked questions below about ϼ graduation.

Graduation General

You can apply for graduation when you have registered in your final program requirements. It is recommended that you meet with your Student Success Advisor to ensure you are on track for graduation.

Students can apply for Winter (February) graduation from July 15th to November 30th, and for Summer (June) graduation from January 15th to March 31st.

1. Ensure you are in the correct Program, and that all specializations, minors, coops are declared.

2. log in to myAccount.

3. Under Student Records, select 'Apply to Graduate'.

4. Under Graduation Date, select the applicable Graduation Term.

5. Complete the online application form in full and submit it.

Any approved substitutions should be forwarded to the graduation department by your department head.

Students are required to submit an application to graduate in order to receive a Program Completion Letter, in accordance to the Credentials Awarded Policy. Apply for graduation according to the application deadline to receive your letter on time. Graduation / Completion letters are automatically issued to all graduating students within 4 weeks after the exam period ends. Graduation letters cannot be issued early. International students who miss the graduation application deadline must contact ϼ International office.

The processing time for Duplicate Credential Requests is 4 weeks. Please note, ϼ is not responsible for lost mail or delays in shipping.

Students are not able to receive credentials prior to their conferral date. You will receive your credential at your respective graduation ceremony, or after for those who do not attend.

You can update your mailing address and phone number in myAccount, under Personal Information.

If you would like to update your name, you will need to complete a Name Change Request and submit to Enrolment Services.


Please email us at so we can address this for you.

  1. Check your address on MyAccount, we would have sent it to the address on le when you applied for graduation, unless you told us otherwise that the address was updated.
  2. Send us an email at for your tracking number and assistance.

Credentials are given at the graduation ceremony. Students who are unable to attend their ceremony will have their credentials mailed out to their mailing address in myAccount.

Duplicate credentials may be mailed or picked up on campus at Enrolment Services.

Graduation Application

You can track the progress of your application through myAccount.

1. Login to myAccount

2. Go to Student Records

3. Go to View Application to Graduate

4. Under Graduation Information, check Graduation Status.

Once you submit your application you can check the status of your application on myAccount. Emailing graduation will not provide a quicker answer.

The processing time can take up to 6 weeks from the date you apply for graduation. At the time of review, your graduation application status will be updated in myAccount and any notes regarding graduation will be in myPath.

Please email


If all of your program requirements are completed but your program/concentration/specialization is incorrect in your myAccount, please email prior to completing your application. If you have not been declared in the correct program you wish to graduate from, you will need to complete a Program Declaration Form and submit it to

You will not be able to apply for Graduation if you have a financial hold due to an outstanding balance on your account. Please settle this before proceeding.

Learn more about paying your fees /current-students/enrolment-services/fees-and-related-information/paying-your-fees

Graduation Photos

You can see your graduation ceremony photos at