Personal information

At ϼ a student’s personal information is used for a variety of reasons. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all the information is up to date.

Personal information uses

Information type Information use
Email Address and Phone number A student’semail address andphone number arecollected andused tocontactthestudent,andinform them ofinformation about their studies at the College. For example,upcoming deadlines, andapplicationsregardingtheirstudiesat ϼ.
Home address

A student’s home address needs to be up to date inthe event the College needs to mail information or items to the student. For example, cheques, transcripts or diplomas, etc.

Social Insurance Number The student’s SIN is needed to issue a T2202and/or T4A.
Please notethat the College does not ask for yourSIN numberat the point ofregistration. You will be askedto enter it inmyAccountso we can issue you a T2202 and/or T4A.

Allofthe above information providedis used to verify a student’s identity.If the information provided in the loan application fails to match the one provided in the information in the student’smyAccount, it can result in a delay or rejection of the loan.

Legal name change

The student’slegal namewill bedisplayedonofficialCollegedocuments:

  • Official transcripts
  • Reports/Documents to government/tax forms (ie: T4A, T2202, student loan, etc)
  • Letters of attestation
  • Diplomas and certificates
  • Tuition fee invoices/or receipts
  • Cheques

Please note:
The legal name on ϼ records is the legal name as it appears on a student’sgovernment issueddocuments,such as birth certificate, permanent residence card, citizenship card,or study permit,that have been provided to the College.

How to change legal name

If the student is wanting to corrector changetheir legal nameonϼ’s officialrecords, fill out the "Personal Information Change Form" under the ڴǰ page and contact an Enrolment Services Advisor to make sure they are providing the correct documents for the process.

Preferred first name change

A preferred or chosen first name is a name that an individual commonly uses that is different from their legal name – it iswhat they wish to be called, not what other people prefer to call them.

Please note:
It is important to notethat making a request to use a preferred first name at ϼ does not change thelegal name in the ϼ student record or records with government authorities.

How to change legal first name topreferred firstname

Preferred names can be added or changed using myAccount.

Documents for Students where Preferred Name is displayed

  • Student ID cards and Clinical Badges
  • Class Lists and exam rosters
  • Grade Lists/Rosters
  • Email aliases
  • Learning Management System
  • Student Portals
  • Newsletters/Communications
  • Graduation program

Address or Phone change

In order to ensure ϼ has the correct information about the students currentresidential area, they can update their address:

  1. Loginto using CNA username and password.
  2. Choose "Personal Information" and then "View and Update Personal Information".
  3. Edit or add new address or phone information.

Please note:
The students address must be up-to-date before any documents aremailed outto them.

Gender Identity change

Students who wish to update or change their gender identity may do so through MyAccount.

  1. Logintousing CNA username and password.
  2. Choose "Personal Information" and then "View and Update Personal Information".
  3. Click “Edit” in the Personal Details box and update Gender Identification.

Citizenship Update

Students who become a Permanent Resident during their time at ϼ, can update their status by contacting Enrolment Services Advising.

Students will need to provide supporting documentation such as:

  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence and a government-issued photo ID or
  • Permanent Resident Card

If an international student becomes a Permanent Resident on or before the last tuition payment deadline for the term, domestic tuition fees will be assessed for the term provided that supporting documentation accompanies the request.

personal information change form

You can find the forms to change your name, and other information under forms.