Advising Services FAQ

Review frequently asked questions below about ϼ advising services.

Course Planning

Course planning is how we help students determine which courses are required for their program and any future program they may be interested in.

A prerequisite is a requirement (often a course) that must be completed before a course can be taken. A corequisite is a course that must be taken at the same time or before the course.

We offer assessment tests for Math, English and Program Readiness requirements. Please visit theassessment testingpage for further information.

Yes, ϼ offersEnglish and Math upgradingdesigned to help you upgrade your education and skills, and also prepare for entry to college-level courses and programs. Please read over the program page carefully to see if the options are suitable for your needs.

Use theGPA calculatorto determine your current GPA. If you repeat a course, the higher grade will be used in your calculation at ϼ. You can also find your GPA on your unofficial transcript by logging into.

Please review ourassociate of arts checklistfor definitions on all of these courses.

The following are Arts:

GEOG: 1100, 1130, 1140, 1150, 1160, 1170, 1180, 1190, 2212, 2213, 2270, 2281, 2311, 3327, 3361, and 3382

The following Human Geography courses are considered Science:

GEOG: 1110, 1120, 2210, 2220, 2230, 2251 (also Stats), and 3311

Program Enrolment

See acareer counsellorfor help with planning your career goals.

You can view a list of the programs we offer on theprogram and course catalogue.

You can attend aninformation sessionor you cancontactthe department.


You should apply to graduate after you have enrolled in your final term of courses. You can apply by completing the online .

University Transfer

UT stands for university transfer. A course is considered to be university transferable if it transfers for credit to one of the five research universities: SFU, UBC-V, UBC-O, UNBC, or UVIC (at the time the course is taken). This information can be found using the.

Please review ourUniversity Transfer pagefor more information on how to plan for your transfer. We encourage students to meet with a Student Success Advisor early to plan a successful transfer.

Transfer Credit is possible for courses taken at another institution. Consult theto see if a course transfers to/from ϼ. Read over ourTransfer Creditpage for more information on initiating the process.

Yes, every institution will calculate the grade point average (GPA) in accordance with its own policies. Please review the institution’s website to see the current policies.

Financial Aid

Please contact ourFinancial Aid departmentto get detailed information about these topics.