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The ϼ research community is a thriving group of faculty, students and community partners who are eager to bring new knowledge to the forefront. Research at the College includes the scholarly work that is undertaken in all faculties, including disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and applied research, the scholarship of teaching and learning, and creative and / or artistic research.

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Student Research

Learn about the research resources and opportunities available to students.
Research and Ethics

Research Centres

Our research centres possess powerhouse teams to advance research in a specialized field.
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Faculty Funding & Resources

Find research support and funding resources to conduct a study.
Research Ethics

Research Ethics & Policies

Learn about the ethics policies and procedures you need to follow to carry out your study.

Research Publications & Collections (DOOR)

Get free access to research publications and scholarly work created by the College community through the Douglas Open Repository (DOOR).
Research Support Fund

Research Support Fund

The Federal Research Support Fund assists the College with the costs associated with managing our research enterprise.

Find a researcher

Connect with a faculty researcher to collaborate with or to speak with them in their area of expertise.

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Research news

Visit ϼ Research News page to read the latest research news.
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