Music Entrance Scholarships and Awards

The Music Department offers performance-based, full tuition scholarships to two outstanding candidates each year. Several other generous entrance awards are also available.

Scholarship Application

If you are interested in applying for our Entrance Scholarship, please complete the scholarship application form. Please submit all application documentation via email, Use the subject title ““Music Entrance Awards, <applicant name>” in all related emails that you send.

In order to be considered for a music entrance scholarship or award, all general and program-specific admission criteria must be complete before the awards application deadline. Specifically, eligible applicants will have completed an audition, been placed in MUSC 1110 after taking the Level 2 Music Theory Assessment, and be placed in MUSC 1115 after taking the Aural Skills Assessment.

Music Scholarship Application Fall 2023

Visit ϼ Scholarships page to learn more about scholarship information.

Supporting Documents

For high school transcripts, please note thatfor award consideration, your interim transcripts must beemailed separately to the Music Department. This will be inaddition to transcripts you are being asked for by the Admissions Office. For the purposes of the Music Department, you can request that your school counsellor email unofficial transcripts,or you may email scans of your own copies if you have them. PDF files are preferred.

Please ask your reference to email their letter of support, with “Music Entrance Awards, <applicant name>” as the subject title.

2023 Award Winners

Performance-Based Tuition Scholarship

  • 1st year: no award recipient for 2023
  • 2nd year: Bennett Renaud (awarded 2022)

ϼ Music Entrance Award of Distinction (DCMEAD)

  • Cordell Anker
  • Cameron Blanchette
  • Abril Diaz Garcia
  • Austin Doyle
  • Diego Gutierrez Funderburk

Amanda Todd Legacy Music Therapy Award of Distinction

  • Sarahmae Malinab

Marg Beaudoin Memorial Music Scholarship

  • Nick Snutch

ϼ Music Award of Distinction(DCMAD)

  • William Yoo
  • Tony Choi
  • Carrie Cheung

Chestnut Music Theory and History Scholarship

  • Sarahmae Malinab

Lance Ryan Vocal Achievement Award of Distinction

  • Danny Quinto

Music Student Achievement Award of Distinction

  • Carlina Dykstra
  • Parm Janjuh
  • Manae Ryu
  • Gregor Gasovic-Varga

Long &McQuade Award of Distinction

  • Evan Tisserand
  • Mark Buco
  • Charlotte Moon

Good Noise Vancouver Gospel Choir Voice Entrance Award

  • Lauren Porter

In order to be considered for a music entrance scholarship or award, all general and program-specific admission criteria must be complete.


First deadline
Submit the scholarship application with all supporting documentation by Monday, May 8th, 2023 @ 9:00am.

Second deadline
A secondary deadline of June 14th, 2023 will apply if award amounts are remaining.