Create a draft schedule

You can now plan and create up to three draft schedules for the upcoming term and register from them when registration begins. 

To create a draft schedule before registration

  • Log in to your  į
  • Click onRegister  > Registration and Schedule > Create a DRAFT Schedule > Select a term 
  • Click on Create a New Plan
  • Search for the courses you wish to add to your draft schedule by course name, instructor, subject, or course number
  • Click View Sections to view specificsections ofa course, including the dates, times and instructors.
  • Add a class to your draft schedule by clicking Add. You can add notes to certain classes using the notes icon (+)
  • If you aren’t ready to add a sectionof a course but want to add a course to your draft schedule, you can do so by clicking Add Course when you search for courses. However, courses added to a draft plan will not show up onthe visual scheduler and you will need to select a specificsection at the time of registration.We recommend using View Sectionsinstead of Add Courseto build a draft schedule with dates and times, this will help avoid time overlaps.
  • Once you are done with your course selection, you must save your plan by clicking Save in the bottom right corner.

Viewing your plan

  • You will be able to see your draft schedule in the visual scheduler in the bottom left, and your list of classeson the bottom right.
  • As you build yourdraft schedule, classes that are not saved will displaywith light grey, lined boxes. Classes that are savedwill display as a full block of colour.

Your draft schedule is only a planning tool - it is your responsibility to complete your course registration using the Register for Classes when your registration time ticket opens. You can register from a draft schedule,visit Register for Classes to learn how.

Important Note

You must check that you have the necessary pre-requisites for courses added to your draft schedule, or that your pre-requisites are already in progress.The minimum grade requiredto meet your pre-requisite is C- unless stated otherwise on the course page. Pre-requisites are not automatically checked by the system when added to a draft; however, they are checked when attempting to register for a class. If you do not have the necessary pre-requisites when registering, the system will display an error message and prevent registration.

When using the Browse Classes tool, click on the Title of the Course.  A pop-up window will open and in the first section called Section Notes & Pre-reqs, there will be a direct link to the website for all the course details including the pre-requisites for the course.

You can also check your pre-requisites in the Program and Course Catalogue. 

Here are other tools to help you with planning for your schedule: 

  • MyPath – See what courses to take to graduate on time. 
  •  – See what courses you need to transfer to a research university. į
  • Student Success Advisor – If you need help in planning your course schedule.

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