Sexual violence education & support

As a community, ϼ is committed to maintaining a respectful and positive learning, working and living environment where sexual violence will not be tolerated and is treated with the seriousness it deserves.

At Douglas we work to prevent and address instances of sexual violence, and support survivors when they disclose incidents. We are also committed to being an active and engaged partner in the conversation around sexual violence, change and support.

Individuals who disclose that they have experienced sexual violence will be provided with support services and will be treated with dignity and respect at all times by the College and its representatives. A person affected by sexual violence is not required to report an incident of or make a complaint about sexual violence under the formal complaint process of the Sexual Violence Policy in order to obtain support and services, or in order to receive appropriate accommodation for their needs.



  • Reporting or not reporting is your choice.
  • If you choose to report, you have several options and there are many factors to consider. We can assist you in understanding each option so that you have all the necessary information to make an appropriate decision that best suits your needs. At no point, will you be required or pressured to file a formal complaint/report.
  • If you need support and just want to talk about your options or need support please contact Counselling.

  • Sexual Violence and Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy 
  •  - The Pixel Project is a virtual, volunteer-led global 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise awareness, funds and volunteer power for the cause to end violence against women (VAW) using the power of the internet, social media, and pop culture/the arts
  •   - It’s on us – US based initiative to stop sexual violence
  •  - A concept that frames sexual assault as acceptable usually due to attitudes about sexuality and gender. This includes victim blaming, sexual objectification, trivialization of rape, minimization or denial of rape statistics and refusing to acknowledge the harm in sexual assault. Rape culture is expressed in media through video games, movies, music and art. It may also target a person’s socioeconomic class, culture, race, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity and may influence their experience and ability to access resources.

If you’re on campus and you or someone else is in immediate danger:

NW: 604 527 5405 | COQ: 604 777 6255

Emergency only: 2400 (on campus only) OR call 911

ϼ Counselling Services

Can provide emotional support after an incident. They can also assist with safety planning and explore other resources that could be a good fit and make a referral. If someone is going through a reporting process through the College, a counsellor can also act as a support person through that process.

New Westminster Campus: Visit room S2680 or call 604-527-5486

Open 8:30-4:30 Monday – Friday (Wednesday 10:00-4:30)

Coquitlam Campus: Visit room A1050 or call 604-777-6185

Open 8:30-4:30 Monday – Friday (Wednesday 10:00-4:30)

After Hours Services

Royal Columbian Hospital (closest to New Westminster campus): 
330 East Columbia St., New Westminster, B.C.

Eagle Ridge Hospital (closest to Coquitlam campus): 
475 Guildford Way, Port Moody, B.C.

Vancouver General Hospital:
920 West 10th Ave., Vancouver, B.C

Provides free and confidential services to women who have experienced sexual assault. Services include counselling, support groups, victim services, Aboriginal women specific support services and a 24 hour crisis line and hospital accompaniment.

Crisis Line: 604-255-6344


Provides free and confidential services to women and girls who have experienced violence. Services include crisis support, counselling, support groups, victim services, legal advocacy and specialized support programs for Latina and Aboriginal women.

Crisis and Intake Line: 604-687-1867

 toll free 1 800 563 0808 (24 hours/day)

Monarch Place Transition House (New Westminster) 604 521 1888 (24 hours/day)


Provides free and confidential services including “stopping the violence” counselling, multicultural victim services, and support groups for immigrant and refugee women, “men in change” program, and legal advocacy for refugees and immigrants.

Contact: 604-254-9626

BC 2-1-1

24 hour crisis line that specializes in providing information and referrals regarding community, government and social services in BC

Call: 2-1-1

Provides free and confidential services to people of all genders over the age of 13 who have been sexually assaulted within the last 7 days. Services include assessment and treatment of injuries and sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy prevention, forensic sample collection, and medical report for police, referrals to health, legal, and community based support services.

The service is survivor centered and clients get to choose what option works best for them. Forensic samples can be stored for up to a year.

Go directly to the Vancouver General Hospital Emergency Department at 920 West 10th Avenue (near Broadway and Oak) in Vancouver, BC. Ask for the Sexual Assault Service. The nurses and doctors are on-call 24 hours a day and will arrive within 30 minutes. Female patients may arrange for a Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) support worker to meet them at the hospital by calling 604-255-6344.

Free and confidential services for women including counselling, crisis services and legal advocacy. Provides 24 hour crisis line and services to accompany folks to the hospital and to assist with making a police report. The 24 hour service is available for people of all genders and supports sex workers. Crisis Line: 604-583-1295