Schedules and Booklist


Please note this schedule is updated regularly asprevious courses are removed and new sections are added.

If the course you're interested in is full or has already passed, pleaseemail usto add yourself to the waitlist. We are regularly adding sections of popular courses as needed.


It is recommended that you check the website regularly for updates to the booklist.

Books and materials can be ordered through the online platform. Please ensure you place orders as soon as possible, as the Bookstore is handling a high volume oforders at this time.

Please note

The tuition feesdo notinclude the costs of textbooks and course packages (unless otherwise noted). The approximate cost for textbooks and course materials is $270.00 + tax for the program. Theϼ Bookstorewill always have the most up to date prices. You can purchase textbooks/materials in-person or online.