Scholarships & bursaries for Indigenous students

If you are an Indigenous student who wants to attend ϼ full- or part-time, you may be eligible for the following awards, administered through the ϼ Financial Aid Office:

BC Hydro Scholarship (see General Scholarships)

Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation Bursary (see Health Sciences Bursaries)

Carillion Aboriginal Bursary The Vanbots Construction Aboriginal Bursary was originally created in 2006 by Vanbots Construction. Its purpose was to provide bursaries to Indigenous students attending ϼ and recognize the long connection Vanbots Construction had with ϼ, including the construction of Coquitlam's David Lam Campus. Vanbots was acquired by Carillion in 2008. Carillion is a global company committed to making a difference in the communities in which it works, with a core set of values that supports sustainability and responsible, award-winning development.

Caroline Chan Memorial Bursary (see General Bursaries)

Dave Seaweed Award of Distinction (See Athletics Awards) HSBC Aboriginal Bursary Established in 2002 by HSBC Bank Canada to assist Aboriginal students attending ϼ. (See General Bursaries)

Minerva Foundation for BC Women in STEM Bursary (See Science and Technology Bursaries)

Ricoh Canada Inc. Scholarship (Child, Family and Community Studies scholarships)

Wayne Strandlund Bursary (See Humanities and Social Sciences Bursaries) You may also qualify for financial support from the through Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.

External awards

You may also be eligible for external awards. These are administered through individual donors, so you'll need to apply according to each organization's instructions. For an extensive list of scholarships, bursaries and awards for Indigenous students, see the following resources:

For more information, contact Indigenous Student Servicesat ϼ. For more scholarships, bursaries and awards, or to find out about student loans and grants, seeFinancial Aid.

More About Scholarships and bursaries

The application for bursaries is available at the start of each semester. The applications for scholarships, entrance awards and graduation awards are available in the Winter Semester.

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