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Paying Your Fees

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Fees and related information

Wondering what it costs to attend ϼ? There's more to it than just tuition fees. Depending on your program of choice or what year of study you are in, tuition fees and other expenses can vary. 

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Income Tax Forms

The College issues T2202 (formerly T2202A) tax forms each year to students for tuition fees paid that are eligible for income tax reporting purposes. These forms are available to print on the last day of February for the previous tax year.

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RESP information

In order to redeem RESPs, you will need a Verification of Enrolment (VOE) Letter.

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Educational appeals, requests for exception, and formal complaints

The College provides formal procedures for students to seek resolutions of disagreements. If you have not been able to solve a disagreement with your instructor or peers, then you can request a formal case to be opened and reviewed here.

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Browse Classes Tool

Use this tool to find courses offered in a specific semester.

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