Mindfulness for anxiety support group

Mindfulness for Anxiety is a support group for students struggling with stress, worries and anxiety, provided in partnership with the YMCA of Greater Vancouver. This program runs most semesters for seven weeks, with two-hour weekly sessions that build on the knowledge of the previous week’s session.

Session structure

Each session has the same structure:

  1. Participants check-in by answering a set question.
  2. The group practices a mindfulness technique such as progressive muscle relaxation or mindful eating.
  3. Participants learn about coping with anxiety and stress with a new weekly topic.
  4. The group discusses the topic and engages in an activity to learn more about it.
  5. Sessions end with an individual check-out question.

Due to the program-style format, you must be registered to participate in this group. Registered members are expected to attend every session.

Fall 2023

Program dates:

  • Mondays, Oct. 16–Dec. 4 from 10:30am–12:30pm at New Westminster Campus
  • No session Nov. 13due to RemembranceDay