Wendy Hales

Geography Faculty Wendy Hales

BSc (British Columbia); MSc (McMaster); PhD (British Columbia) Coastal Geomorphology, Environmental Geography.

Office: N3419B (New Westminster), B2231 (David Lam)

Phone: (604) 527-5782 (New Westminster), (604) 777-6156 (David Lam)

Fax: (604) 527-5316

Email: halesw@douglascollege.ca

I am a geomorphologist, and consequently am interested in the processes that shape the face of the earth, such as wind, water, glaciers, and slope failures. My main interest is in coastal geomorphology. I did a Masters degree at McMaster University in physical geography. While there I studied the morphology and management of coastal sand dunes in Nova Scotia. During my PhD at the University of British Columbia I researched the impact of human activity on the Fraser River delta. I am also interested in environmental issues; as can be seen in my research I combine physical geography with a study of the impact of human activity. I strongly believe that one of the most important things to acquire is a good understanding and appreciation of the environment around you, and that the best way to learn this is through practical experience. Field trips are very important!