Childbirth Educator Program - Teaching Skills Workshop

The ϼ Teaching Skills Workshop is the final step to completing the Childbirth Educator Program. It is also a great source of continuing education credits for doulas, nurses and others working in maternity care.

The Workshop incorporates the latest concepts of brain science based learning to provide an innovative and exciting approach to teaching effective and enjoyable childbirth education classes.  The two-day Teaching Skills workshop will give students the hands-on skills and techniques to become excellent, engaging childbirth educators.

With the goal of creating classes that decrease fear and encourage confidence this workshop will give you the tools and activities to present even the most challenging topics in a reassuring, evidence based way.

This workshop provides many opportunities for discovering and practicing new ways to teach with a view to designing classes that actively engage with the adult learner. You will leave many tools to help you reduce lecturing and increase active participation in your classes.

The geography of our region presents many unique problems for educators so participants are encouraged to discuss the specific challenges they face as prenatal instructors working in their communities and explore ways to meet these challenges.

Come prepared to spend time with other interesting and like-minded educators, doulas and nurses while being challenged to try new things and have fun.

Teaching Skills Outline

  • Icebreakers and transition activities
  • Brain Science and teaching
  • Knowing your participants
  • Influences of the media on birth
  • Men in prenatal classes and birth
  • Values clarification for educators
  • Evidence based information
  • Tools for teaching pregnancy topics
  • Physiologic birth
  • Six steps to a safe and healthy birth
  • Tools for teaching first stage
  • Tools for teaching second stage
  • Reducing anxiety and building confidence
  • Tools for teaching about challenging labours
  • Tools for decision making and communications
  • Caesarean birth
  • Practice teaching opportunity
  • Tools for teaching third stage and recovery
  • Tools for teaching breastfeeding
  • Tools for teaching postpartum and early parenting
  • Course design
  • Applying Brain Science to your teaching

Next workshop: October 5th and 6th, 2024 - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Course fee: $477.00  -  CRN: 31083

Location:  New Westminster Campus

Registration call: 604-527-5472

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Phone: 604-777-6531

Christine Sexauer 
Perinatal Program Coordinator
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