Student Leadership Awards

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The Student Leadership Awards is an annual event that brings the ϼ community together to celebrate exceptional student leaders and faculty/staff who have made an outstanding contribution to student engagement.

The celebration is scheduled to take place in person at the Anvil Centre on April 27, 2023 4–8pm.More details of the event agenda to follow.

Nomination Period

The nomination period is now closed. Thank you to those who submitted a nomination for a student, faculty or staff. Award winners and nominees will be contacted directly with further news.

Nominee Requirements

You may only be nominated once per award; if you receive additional offers of nomination, please request the prospective nominator submit a letter of reference instead to support your existing nomination. If you have been nominated for the Student Leader Award, there are additional requirements for you to complete; please see the details in the award description below.

Award Details

The Student Leader Award recognizes student leaders who exemplify outstanding leadershipcharacteristics anddemonstrate the ability to build community through initiatives or projects both on and off campus.

This is a monetary award with prizes ranging from $500 to $1,000.

Eligibility criteria

  • Has held at least one significant leadership position on campus or off campus

  • Has made a significant impactonthe ϼ student experience through any of the following: student groups, campus events/programs, community and civic initiatives

  • Demonstrates the ability and willingness to mentor fellow students

  • Has dedicated a significant amount of effort and energy towardbettering the student experience through involvement in campus and community activities

  • Has been enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits, within any program or faculty, during the previous FallSemesterorWinterSemester

  • Has a minimum 2.0grade point average

Additional requirements for nominees

If you have been nominated, youmust submit the following documentationto completeyoureligibility:

  1. Minimum two letters of reference; at least one must be from an employer, volunteer coordinator or instructor.

  1. An updated resumé

  1. Unofficial transcript showing you are in good academic standing


Students may only be nominated once per award. Please check with the student you wish to nominate prior to submitting a nomination form to see if they have already been nominated; if they have, you can further their nomination with a letter of reference.

This award celebrates students who have shown a commitment to the ϼ community in a volunteer or student assistant capacity. Going above and beyond to create inclusive and memorable experiences for others, being a positive role model, and creating a community on campus are some of the criteria taken into consideration for award recipients.

Eligibility criteria

  • Has held a student assistant or volunteer role on campus

  • Has made a positive impact on the student experience by creating a community on campus

  • Demonstrated leadership qualities and a commitment to improving the student experience at ϼ


Students may only be nominated once per award. Please check with the student you wish to nominate prior to submitting a nomination form to see if they have already been nominated; if they have, you can further their nomination with a letter of reference.

There are two awards in this category, one for aCollegestaff member and another for a faculty member. These awards recognize ϼ staff and faculty members whose work has significantly enhanced the student experience. These individuals go above and beyond their job description to support student learning and development. This may include student mentoring, student group advising, experiential learning program management, or championing student ideas and/or feedback. These individuals' efforts and achievements remind us of our common purpose - to support students in their learning and development.

Please note these are non-monetary awards.

Eligibility criteria

  • Work done by faculty/staffmemberdirectlyaffectsthe student experience and community

  • Hasmade exceptional contributions to student learning (in and outof the classroom) and student development

  • UpholdsCollege values of inclusion and equity

  • Workenhances student involvement in the campus community


Staff/faculty can only be nominated once. Additional nominators can support their nomination with a letter of reference.

TheGlobalCitizenship Dean’s Awards recognize students from across ϼ that embodyglobalcompetencies in action. Award winners show commitment toglobalcitizenship through their studies (course selection and experiences) and through their community engagement. Across contexts, they also demonstrate high levels of practicalglobalcompetencies such as, perspective-taking,globalself-awareness, critical thinking and intercultural communication skills.

This annual award

  • is worth$1500for each recipient
  • there is one recipient for each of ϼ's six faculties

This award is administered byGlobalEngagement Office. For more details including eligibility and application, please click:

2023 Nominees

Student Leader Award

Aamish Arora

Aryan Dhamankar
Axel Bernoe
Bailey Cove
Daniel Villansenor
Danna Domasig
Denise Smadello
Emmaline Ruby Damon
Gabriel Santos
Gurjot Singh Bawa
Himadri Joshi
Jasper Brodie
Jenny Bui
Martha Alejandra Espinoza Muñoz
Maya Moalla
Mort Zowghinia
Myat Noe Pwint
Myungsan Yun
Nathaniel Gingerich
Oommen George
Taydra TenBroek

Up and Coming Student Leaders of the Year Award

Amari (Mariana) Barillas Flores-Calderon

Aryan Dhamankar

Ava Ferenc

Benjamin Li

David Marin Mejia

Jackkson Newton

Jasper Brodie

Jenny Bui

Sam Lima

Shivani Prakash Ithawar

Shrishty Jain
Outstanding Contribution to Student Engagement Award
Caleb Cheek
Eugene Dy
Irene Chan
Padmapriya Arasanipalai Kandhadai
Pauline Low
Saeed Mirjalili
Shahriar Khosravi
Will Gunton

2022 Winners

Student Leader Award

Aly Hillaby,Bachelor of Social Work

Jaden Haywood,Bachelor of Business Administration, Management

Mehre Dlir,Bachelor of Business Administration

Up and Coming Student Leaders of the Year Award

Akshara Sharma,Post-Baccalaureate Diploma, Finance

Hannah Lohnes,Early Childhood Education Diploma

Myungsan Yun,General Studies

Taranjeet Parmar,Bachelors of Psychology

2021 Winners and Nominees

Congratulations to the 2021 award winners and nominees. Read more about their contributions .