Global Citizen volunteer opportunities

An important part of Global Citizenship is the emphasis on local actions. There are many volunteering opportunities locally on and off campus that you can get involved with. 

Off-Campus opportunities

Go Volunteer connects people to volunteer opportunities with not-for-profits and charities all over B.C. They work with over 1,400 organizations that people can get involved with and these include many across the Metro Vancouver area. Get involved and build connections with your community today!

Visit  to learn more.

BCCIC is a network of individuals, international development organizations and civil society organizations in B.C. who focus on sustainable development and social justice issues. They offer paid and volunteer opportunities specifically for youth in B.C.

Visit  to learn more.

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network launched this initiative to empower youth to get involved globally and at home to work towards a more sustainable future. .

On-campus opportunities

Interested in study abroad? You can meet international friends and practise your language skills without leaving Canada! Join our buddy program and help incoming exchange students from around the world have an awesome experience at ϼ. To learn more, read the buddy description below. If you're interested please answer the following questions:

What is a buddy?

Buddies support incoming exchange students in a friendly and welcoming way. Some of the things buddies do are:

  • Help plan social gatherings with other buddies for incoming exchanges students
  • Attend social gatherings and activities
  • Answer questions from exchange students online and in-person
  • Attend initial orientation meeting
  • Share their culture and favourite places
  • Practiste English and other languages with exchange students

Buddies are expected to participate for the full semester and are encouraged to continue for longer if desired.

Interested? !