Career programs

At ϼ, we offer many different career programs to help prepare you to enter a new job or upgrade to a higher position in your current field as soon as you graduate.

Career programs can vary from 1-year certificates to 4-year degrees. The majority are 2-year diplomas. Additionally, our Continuing Education department offers short-term career training; however, if you already have your degree, consider taking one of our post-degree programs to get a jumpstart on a new career.

If you are interested in completing your post-secondary education at another institution, studying in a University Transfer program also provides analytical and teamwork skills valued by employers.

What kinds of careers can I study at Douglas?

Select from over 40 career specialties in areas such as:

Check the full list of programs to see if you find something to match your career goals.

Can I take a career program part-time?

Yes, many Douglas career programs offer part-time options with flexible schedules.