What our LINC participants say

Welcome to LINC Engage, the program that has helped countless individuals improve their language skills and build a brighter future in Canada. Don't just take our word for it, here are some success stories from our participants:

Iryna - LINC Engage

"I hada great experiencewith LINC Engage. My English helps me make new friends,participatein the community, and change my life." ~ Iryna

Amy - LINC_Engage

"I work in a grocery market as a cashier. I got this job during class. In the past, Ican’tspeak to other people. Forexample,store clerk, in walk-in clinic, and teacher. But now, I can speak English withmy customers and other people! The LINC Engage program is sovery helpfulto improve English skills! My family told me that my English speaking is better than a couple month ago! I am so proud of myself." ~ Amy

Nadra - LINC Engage

"LINC Engage program made me so excited about what I have learned so far because it was a helpful program for social life and learning English skills." ~ Nadra


"Last week, I went to Lifelabs and I met a Chinese person who wanted help to ask the receptionist a question, but she couldn't speak English. I helped her and I felt very happy because I couldn't go to Lifelabs by myself before." ~Maggie


"LINC Engage helped me to speak, write, and read. Also, in LINC Engage you can make friends. I feel happy because I didn't feel lonely, and LINC Engage gave me a good experience. I enjoyed being a part of this class because I met some friends from different countries and different cultures."


"Since I started in LINC Engage, I can understand new accents. Before I was uncomfortable and now I can say that I'm more secure in myself." ~Jeyson


"LINC Engage is one of the most wonderful things that happened to me in Canada. Nowadays, I am empowered and comfortable speaking with others and my life is better now. I am very grateful to this program and my teachers." ~Sofia


"Not only did I finish LINC 4, but I also improved my skills using computers, being confident, and listening." ~Mohema

When asked for advice for future students, our graduates had some valuable insights to share:

"You should work with your teams because many art projects need classmates to work together. It's a good way to practice listening and speaking. You will also make friends and feel happy." - Maggie

"You should enjoy every class because time goes very fast!" - Sofia

"You should be confident. Remember that people learn from making mistakes." - Mohema

We believe that every student has the potential to succeed in Canada, and we are proud to offer a program that helps them achieve their goals. Join LINC Engage today and become one of our success stories!🚀

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